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Resource for Level 5


FESS is pleased to present a new section on www.fess.ie which provides suggested resource lists developed by FET teachers to support delivery of programme modules leading to a range of QQI components. Resource lists will be of interest to teachers teaching a programme module for the first time or teachers looking for new ideas.  It is hoped to continue to upload more resource lists as they become available


Component Title and Code




Advertising 5N0748 

Advertising Resource List

Anatomy & Physiology 5N0749 

Anatomy & Physiology Resource List
Business Administration 5N1610 

Business Administration Resource List
Care of the Oder Person 5N2706 

Care of the Oder Person Resource List

The Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland in collaboration with the Irish Hospice  Foundation has developed three leaflets for families coping with dementia:

These leaflets may be useful for teachers delivering, or learners following, programme modules leading to Palliative Care Support 5N3769 and Care of the Older Person 5N2706

The Irish Hospice Foundation has also produced a guidance document callled ‘ Facilitating discussions on future and end-of-life care with a person with dementia’ which may be a useful resource for teachers and learners

Care Provision and Practice 5N2706
Care Provision and Practice Resource List
Care Skills 5N2270 

Care Skills Resource List
Care Support 5N0758 

Care Support Resource List
Child Development 5N1764 

Child Development Resource List
Child Health & Well Being 5N1765 

Child Health & Well Being Resource List
Childminding Practice 5N1766 

Childminding Practice Resource List
Children with Additional Needs 5N2396 

Children with Additional Needs Resource List
Classical Studies 5N3248 

Classical Studies Resource List
Communications 5N0690 

Communications Resource List
Computer Illustrated Graphics 5N1929 

Computer Illustrated Graphics Resource List
Computer Systems Hardware 5N0548 

Computer Systems Hardware Resource List
Creative Arts for Early Childhood 5N1769 

Creative Arts for Early Childhood Resource List
Database Methods 5N0783 

Database Methods Resource List
Design Skills 5N0784 

Design Skills Resource List
Desktop Publishing 5N0785 

Desktop Publishing Resource List
Digital Marketing 5N1364 

Digital Marketing Resource List
Distributed Systems 5N0544 

Distributed Systems Resource List
Drawing 5N1862 

Drawing Resource List
Early Care & Education Practice 5N1770 

Early Care & Education Practice Resource List
Early Childhood Education & Play 5N1773 

Early Childhood Education & Play Resource List
E-Business 5N1369 

E-Business Resource List
English Literature 5N3249 

English Literature Resource List
Exercise & Fitness 5N2668

Exercise & Fitness Resource List
Family Law 5N3786

Family Law Resource List
Food Chemistry 5N2748

Food Chemistry Resource List
Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming 5N0541

Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming Resource List
Graphic Design Skills 5N1978

Graphic Design Skills Resource List
Hairdressing Science 5N3346

Hairdressing Science Resource List
Hairdressing Theory & Practice 5N3345

Hairdressing Theory & Practice Resource List
Infection Prevention & Control 5N3734

Infection Prevention & Control Resource List
Jazz Dance 5N6125

Jazz Dance Resource List
Legal Practice & Procedures 5N1394

Legal Practice & Procedures Resource List
Management Committee Skills 5N1297

Management Committee Skills Resource List
Marketing Practice 5N1400

Marketing Practice Resource List
Mathematics 5N1833

Mathematics Resource List
Maths for Information Technology 5N0556

Maths for Information Technology Resource List
Media Analysis 5N1298

Media Analysis Resource List
Microbiology 5N0737

Microbiology Resource List
Mobile Technologies 5N0580

Mobile Technologies Resource List
Music Industry Studies 5N1458

Music Industry Studies Resource List
Nursing Theory & Practice 5N4325

Nursing Theory & Practice Resource List
Nutrition 5N2006

Nutrition Resource List
Operating Systems 5N2928

Operating Systems Resource List
Painting 5N1302

Painting Resource List
Palliative Care Support 5N3769

Palliative Care Support Resource List

The Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland in collaboration with the Irish Hospice  Foundation has developed three leaflets for families coping with dementia:

These leaflets may be useful for teachers delivering, or learners following, programme modules leading to Palliative Care Support 5N3769 and Care of the Older Person 5N2706

Payroll Manual and Computerised 5N1546

Payroll Manual and Computerised Resource List
Personal and Professional Development 5N2985

Personal and Professional Development Resource List
Plant Science 5N2528

Plant Science Resource List
Political Studies 5N1837

Political Studies Resource List
Printmaking 5N1373

Printmaking Resource List
Programming and Design Principles 5N2927

Programming and Design Principles Resource List
Research & Study Skills 5N3113

Research & Study Skills Resource List
Retail Security 5N1777

Retail Security Resource List
Retail Selling 5N1619

Retail Selling Resource List
Safety & Health at Work 5N1794

Safety & Health at Work Resource List
School Aged Childcare 5N1781

School Aged Childcare Resource List
Security Industry Procedures 5N1785

Security Industry Procedures
Social Studies 5N1370

Social Studies Resource List
Software Architecture 5N2772

Software Architecture Resource List
Sound Engineering & Production 5N1900

Sound Engineering & Production Resource List
Special Needs Assisting 5N1786

Special Needs Assisting Resource List
Start your own Business 5N1418

Start your own Business Resource List
Teamworking 5N1367

Teamworking Resource List
The Internet 5N1611

The Internet Resource List
The Law & Insurance 5N3788

The Law & Insurance Resource List
Theatre Studies 5N4571

Theatre Studies Resource List
Understanding Special Needs 5N1709

Understanding Special Needs Resource List
Virtualisation Support 5N2434

Virtualisation Support Resource List
Web Authoring 5N1910

Web Authoring Resource List
Word Processing 5N1358

 Word Processing Resource List
Work Experience 5N1356

Work Experience Resource List

"Working for Work" is an information book for unemployed people, front-line staff both in the state and community sector, and employers. It is produced by INOU - The Irish National Organisation for the Unemployed.

It is a comprehensive publication that brings together the wide range of supports available for unemployed people trying to return to work, education or training.

The book outlines an individual's entitlements to a number of social welfare payments and secondary benefits - including: Jobseekers Payment, Education and Training Options and Return to Work Supports