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The move to online teaching, learning and assessment has meant that providers and the FET staff working within them have taken different approaches to store, tracking and accessing learner assessment evidence. During the delivery of the Reimagining your Assessment for Remote Learners course it emerged that there was an interest in finding out more about how to use ePortfolios using different platforms. In order to provide support to those interested in using ePortfolios, the following resources have been developed with the help of practitioners from three ETBs, namely Donegal ETB, Kildare & Wicklow ETB and Limerick & Clare ETB where an ePortfolio approach was adopted using different platforms. 


Platform used  Description of the resource and link 
 Using Google Sites for ePortfolios   Click here to see more
 Using Microsoft OneNote for ePortfolios  coming soon
 Using Moodle for ePortfolios  Click here to see more