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According to QQI guidelines, when developing their quality assurance system, providers' procedure on feedback to learners should seek to ensure that:

"Individual learners receive timely and constructive feedback on their assessments which informs their participation on the programme. The feedback is appropriate to the nature of the assessment, i.e. formative or summative" 

In addition to meeting the requirements of a provider's quality assurance agreement, other reasons for giving feedback to learners are: 

  • Learners need positive feedback on the skills and abilities they demonstrate, as well as constructive feedback on where evidence is weak or does not match the learning outcomes as outlined in the award specification or the assessment guidelines laid down by the assessor
  • Tutors/assessors need to provide feedback to the learner as to the strength and appropriateness of the evidence produced to prove that learning has occurred and to offer direction as to ‘the next steps
  • Recorded and documented feedback may be used by the teacher/assessor and the learner to chart learner progress
  • Recorded and documented feedback is part of a process which contributes to programme review and evaluation.


NewThe following resources were developed to support providers offering programmes leading to QQI Awards during the time of disruption due to Covid-19. The resources can be used to guide assessors when providing learners with feedback on their summative assessment tasks:


The following additional information on feedback to learners can be viewed and printed here also:

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