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What is eCollege?

eCollege is a SOLAS-funded online training facility that provides a range of high quality interactive online learning courses, available any time through broadband Internet access, for those who wish to learn at their own pace.

eCollege courses are available free of charge to FET staff members within DES/SOLAS-funded, QQI registered providers.

FET staff members can also access free assessment and certification connected to these courses.

One must be registered with eCollege in order to access online courses. 

What other courses are available through eCollege?

A list of the online courses currently available is on www.ecollege.ie and can also be accessed here.

In addition, a new eCollege course, Moodle for Teachers, was launched in June 2019. Further information is available here.


How do you register for a course on eCollege?

FET staff members wishing to access eCollege courses must register with eCollege, via FESS, by emailing the following information to ecollege@fess.ie:

  • Name
  • Centre Name
  • Centre Address
  • Email address
  • Full names of eCollege course(s) you wish to join

Once the above information is sent to ecollege@fess.ie, FESS will forward it to eCollege. Login details to the requested course will then issue from eCollege in due course. Please note that this may take up to 10 working days to happen.