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"Assessment should, where possible, be integrated and over-assessment avoided"
Quality Assuring Assessment Policy March 2006,p7

"A holistic approach should be taken in planning the assessment for a programme.  The tendency to over-assess should be avoided and opportunities to integrate assessment across a number of minor awards should be explored.  The total assessment load and the needs of the learners should be considered when the assessment is being planned"                                                                    
Quality Assuring Assessment Guidelines for Providers May 2007, p12

"Programme design, delivery and assessment are coordinated so as to facilitate learners to maximise the value of their assessments across the programme. i.e. the assessment of programme modules is integrated wherever possible and the needs of learners are considered when assessments are being scheduled." 
Quality Assurance in Further Education and Training: Policy and Guidelines for Providers Version 1.3, p35 

"Where there is a large amount of perhaps disparate coursework, a summative assessment activity may give an opportunity for integration allowing learners consolidate achievement"                                                                   
Guide to Awards at Levels 1 and 2 and associated Processes, p22