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Integrating Assessment - Learner Information for an Integrated Assessment

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If an integrated assessment will fulfil the assessment requirements for two or more modules/components on a programme, Learners should be informed of this at the beginning of the programme. 

The Learner should be told:

- which modules/components will be assessed in this way
- which assessment techniques will be used
- how the final assessment is to be presented
- how the assessment will be marked (assessment criteria)
- timeline, feedback opportunities and final submission date

Clear explanation and support should be given on the following issues:

- because two (or more) modules/ components are involved, there will be two (or more) sets of results for the same piece of evidence
- that it is possible to score differently on the same piece of evidence for each of the two (or more) modules/ components because:
   - each module/ component must be marked according to its own assessment criteria
   - the percentage weighting for each module/ component may be different

This information should be communicated to the Learners.