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ETBI adopted a coordinated approach to the development of programmes and programme modules for sharing across the DES sector. The table below lists the level 5 programme modules that were developed as part of this initiative and that have now been evaluated.

Component Name and Code

V3 - evaluated
Programme Module

3 Dimensional Computer Graphics 5N5029

3 Dimensional Computer Graphics

Accommodation Techniques 5N1851

Accommodation Techniques

Accounting Manual and Computerised - 5N1348

Accounting Manual and Computerised

Acting Skills and Techniques 5N5055

Acting Skills and Techniques

Activities of Living Patient Care 5N3707

Activities of Living Patient Care

 Adventure Activities 5N4646

Adventure Activities

Advertising - 5N0748


 Airline Studies 5N4971

Airline Studies

Agricultural Mechanics 5N1745

Tractor Mechanics

Anatomy and Physiology - 5N0749

 Anatomy and Physiology

Animal Anatomy and Physiology - 5N0750

Animal Anatomy and Physiology

 Animation 5N1551


Animal Behaviour - 5N0751

Animal Behaviour

Animal Grooming - 5N0752

Animal Grooming

Animal Production Science - 5N2351

Animal Production Science

Animal Welfare - 5N0753

Animal Welfare

Animation Drawing Studies - 5N1830

Animation Drawing Studies

Animation Layout Design - 5N1552

Animation Layout Design

Applied Economics - 5N1350

Applied Economics

Applied Permaculture 5N1553 

 Applied Permaculture

Appreciation of Art, Craft and Design - 5N0755

Appreciation of Art, Craft and Design

Appreciation of Irish Culture - 5N1556

Appreciation of Irish Culture

Approaches to Early Childhood Education - 5N1763

Approaches to Early Childhood Education

Archaeology - 5N0762


Architectural Drawing - 5N1558

Architectural Drawing

Art Metalcraft 5N1649

Art Metalcraft

 Art Woodwork 5N1559

 Art Woodwork

Artificial Sports Surfaces 5N2555 

Artificial Sports Surfaces

Audio Engineering - 5N1564

Audio Engineering

Audio Transcription - 5N1549

Audio Transcription Updated September 2012

Auto Electricity - 5N2137

Auto Electricity Updated June 2013

Batik - 5N1566


 Beauty Industry Ethics and Practice 5N3470

Beauty Industry Ethics and Practice

 Beekeeping - 5N2554


Beef Production - 5N1737

Beef Production

Behavioural Studies - 5N1351

Behavioural Studies

 Biodiversity and the Natural Environment 5N2553

 Biodiversity and the Natural Environment

Biological Diversity 5N1568

Biological Diversity

Biology - 5N2746


Body Electrics 5N3469 

Body Electrics

 Body Massage and Figure Analysis 5N3465

Body Massage and Figure Analysis

Bookkeeping Manual andComputerised - 5N1354

Bookkeeping Manual and Computerised

Boom Sprayer Pesticide Application - 5N1797

Boom Sprayer Pesticide Application

Building Construction - 5N1570

Building Construction

Building Services 5N4974 

Building Services

Business Administration Skills - 5N1610

Business Administration Skills

Business Law - 5N2091

Business Law

Cabin Crew Operations - 5N5410

Cabin Crew Operations

Cable and Pre-Installation Techniques -5N1772

Cable and Pre-Installation Techniques

Care of the Older Person 5N2705 

Care of the Older Person

 Care Provision and Practice 5N2705

Care Provision and Practice

 Care Skills 5N2770

Care Skills

Care Support - 5N0758

Care Support

 Caring for Children in Hospital 5N3737

Caring for Children in Hospital

Ceramics - 5N0759


 Challenging Behaviour 5N1706

Challenging Behaviour

Chemical Fertiliser Application - 5N1750

Chemical Fertiliser Application

 Chemistry 5N2747


Child Development - 5N1764

Child Development

Child Health and Well Being - 5N1765

Child Heath and Well Being

Childminding Practice - 5N1766

Childminding Practice

Children with Additional Needs - 5N2396

Children with Additional Needs

 Cinematography Camera Operations 5N1590

 Cinematography Camera Operations

 Cinematography Lighting Skills 5N5047

Cinematography Lighting Skills

Classical Studies - 5N3248

Classical Studies

 Cleaning and Decontamination Practice 5N3735

Cleaning and Decontamination Practice

Closed Circuit Television and Lighting - 5N1771

Closed Circuit Television and Lighting

Collage Techniques - 5N0761

Collage Techniques

Colour and Light - 5N1919

 Colour and Light

 Colour Photography 5N0763

Colour Photography

Combinable Crop Production - 5N1741

Combinable Crop Production

Combined Materials - 5N0764

Combined Materials

Communications - 5N0690


 Community Addiction Studies 5N1834

 Community Addiction Studies

Community Development Practice 5N0777

Community Development Practice

 Community Development Studies 5N0778

This component has been withdrawn by QQI/FETAC

Community Inclusion - 5N1740

Community Inclusion

Computer 3D Modelling and Animation - 5N1603

Computer 3D Modelling and Animation

Computer Aided Draughting(2D) - 5N1604

Computer Aided Draughting (2D)

Computer Illustrated Graphics - 5N1929

Computer Illustrated Graphics

Concepts in Educatiojn and Training 5N3631

Concepts in Education and Training

Conflict Resolution - 5N0692

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution - 5N0692

A programme module leading to this award was developed outside the ETBI shared programme development initiative. This particular programme module is focused on conflict resolution using restorative practices. Providers, funded by the DES, wishing to access this programme module should contact their regional support officer for a copy of it

Contact Centre Skills - 5N1361

Contact Centre Skills

Control Systems 5N1437

Control Systems

Cosmetic Studies 5N5307

Cosmetic Studies

Creative Arts for Early Childhood - 5N1769

Creative Arts for Early Childhood

Creative Styling 5N3349

Creative Styling

 Creative Writing 5N4765

Creative Writing

 Criminal Law 5N3787

Criminal Law

Criminology - 5N2107


Crop Production Science - 5N1730

Crop Production Science

Culinary Techniques - 5N0630

Culinary Techniques

Cultural and Social History - 5N0780

Cultural and Social History

Customer Service - 5N0972

Customer Service

 Dance History 5N4805

Dance History

 Dance Performance 5N0781

Dance Performance

 Dance Production 5N0782

Dance Production

Database Methods - 5N0783

Database Methods

Design Skills - 5N0784

Design Skills

Desktop Multimedia Audio Production - 5N2148

Desktop Multimedia and Audio Production

Desktop Publishing - 5N0785

Desktop Publishing

 Diagnostic Imaging 5N3733

Diagnostic Imaging

 Dietetics 5N3736


 Digital Editing 5N1438

Digital Editing

Digital Marketing - 5N1364

Digital Marketing

Digital Movie Processing - 5N1605

Digital Movie Processing

Digital Photography - 5N1270

Digital Photography

 Digital Studio Photography 5N4340

Digital Studio Photography

Documentary Photography 5N1271

Documentary Photography

 Donation Venepuncture 5N3747

Donation Venepuncture

 Donor Screening 5N3739

Donor Screening

Drawing - 5N1862


Early Care and Education Practice - 5N1770

Early Care and Education Practice

Early Childhood Education and Play - 5N1773

Early Childhoood Education and Play

eBusiness Studies - 5N1369

eBusiness Studies

Ecological Field Methods 5N1439

Ecological Field Methods

 Ecotourism 5N0631


Electronics - 5N1606


Electronics - Digital - 5N1774

Electronics - Digital

Embroidery - 5N1441


 Emergency Department Care Skills 5N4890

Emergency Department Care Skills

Empowering the Individual - 5N1749

Empowering the Individual

 Engineering Drawing 5N1607

Engineering Drawing

Engineering Workshop Processes - 5N1608

Engineering Workshop Processes

Engineering Workshop Theory - 5N2136

Engineering Workshop Theory

English as a Second Language - 5N1632

English as a Second Language

English Literature - 5N3249

English Literature

Entrepreneurial Skills - 5N1951

Entrepreneurial Skills

 Environmental Studies 5N1442

Environmental Studies

Equality and Disability - 5N1273

Equality and Disability

Equality and Diversity in Childcare - 5N1775

Equality and Diversity in Childcare

 Equine Anatomy and Physiology 5N3360

Equine Anatomy and Physiology

 Equine Nutrition 5N3363

Equine Nutrition

Estate Agency Practice - 5N3025

Estate Agency Practice

Ethnomusicology - 5N1443


European Studies - 5N1444

European Studies

Event Production - 5N1374

Event Production

 Exercise and Fitness 5N2668

Exercise and Fitness

 Facial Electrics 5N3468

Facial Electrics

Facilitating Learning - 5N1753

Facilitating Learning

 Family Law 5N3786

Family Law

 Family Studies 5N4466

Family Studies

 Family Support Skills 5N3738

Family Support Skills

Farm Business Organisation - 5N2352

Farm Business Organisation

 Fashion and Media Makeup 5N4627

Fashion and Media Makeup

Fashion Buying and Merchandising 5N1445

Fashion Buying and Merchandising
Updated April 2013

 Fashion Industry and Design Studies 5N3845

Fashion Industry and Design Studies
Updated April 2013

Figure Studies - 5N1869


Financial Services - 5N1383

Financial Services

Fine Art and Graphics Photo Imaging 5N5329

Fine Art and Graphics Photo Imaging

Floriculture - 5N1841


Folklore and Ethnology - 5N1274

Folklore and Ethnology
Updated April 2013

 Food Chemistry 5N2748

 Food Chemistry

Food Hygiene 5N2749

Food Hygiene

Food Preparation 5N1909

Food Preparation

 Food Processing 5N5245

Food Processing

Food Science and Technology - 5N0730

Food Science and Technology

French - 5N1623


 Fruit and Vagetable Production 5N2552

 Fruit and Vegetable Production

Funds Administration - 5N1387

Funds Administration

Furnishings and Fittings 5N2552

Furnishings and Fittings

Furniture Making - 5N1275

Furniture Making

 Furniture Restoration and Conservation 5N5648

Furniture Restoration and Conservation

Games Analysis Design - 5N1651

Games Analysis & Design

Garden Design 5N2551

Garden Design

Garment Construction - 5N1276

Garment Construction

German - 5N1624


Global Development Issues - 5N4127

Global Development Issues

Graphic Design Skills - 5N1978

Graphic Design

Green Wood Furniture Making 5N5625

Green Wood Furniture Making

Hairdressing Science 5N3346

Hairdressing Science

Hairdressing Theory and Practice 5N3345

Hairdressing Theory and Practice

Hand Held Pesticide Application - 5N0731

Hand Held Pesticide Application

Health Related Cleaning Skills 5N3741 

Health Related Cleaning Skills

Heritage - 5N1453

Irish Heritage

History - 5N3250

Updated April 2013

History of Photography and Visual Culture 5N1278

History of Photography and Visual Culture

Horse Breeding 5N3364

Horse Breeding

Horse Conformation and Evaluation 5N3361

Horse Conformation and Evaluation

Horticultural Mechanisation 5N2559

 Horticultural Mechanisation

Human Growth and Development - 5N1279

Human Growth and Development

 Human Resources 5N3586

Human Resources

 Illustration 5N1288


Image Processing - 5N1292

Image Processing

Infant and Toddler Years - 5N1779

Infant and Toddler Years

Infection Prevention and Control 5N3734

Infection Prevention and Control

Information and Administration - 5N1389

Information and Administration

Information and Communication Systems - 5N1952

Information Communication Systems

Insurance - 5N2100


Insurance and Banking Studies - 5N2427

Insurance and Banking Studies

Intellectual Disability Studies - 5N1652

Intellectual Disability Studies

Intercultural Studies - 5N0765

Intercultural Studies

International Cuisines - 5N0632

International Cuisines

International Trade Practice - 5N2072

International Trade Practice

Interpersonal and Group Behaviour 5N3632

Interpersonal and Group Behaviour

Intruder Alarm and Access Control - 5N1776

Intruder Alarms and Access Control

Irish - 5N1631


Irish Cultural and Heritage Resources - 5N1293

Irish Cultural and Heritage Resources

Irish for Preschool Services - 5N2005

Irish for Preschool Services

Irish Music - 5N1454

Irish Music

Italian - 5N1626


Kinesiology 5N4545


Knitting - 5N1455


Laboratory Skills 5N2751

Laboratory Skills

Landscape Construction and Maintenance - 5N1908

Landscape Construction and Maintenance

Laundry Skills 5N3745

 Laundry Skills

Legal Practice and Procedures - 5N1394

Legal Practice and Procedures

Leisure Facility Administration 5N4666

 Leisure Facility Administration

Leisure Facility Operations 5N4667

Leisure Facility Operations

Literary, Visual and Performing Arts - 5N2465

Literary, Visual and Performing Arts

Local History - 5N1296

Local History Research

Make-up Applications 5N5306

Make-up Applications

Make Up Artistry Skin and Nail Techniques 5N5480

 Make Up Artistry Skin and Nail Techniques

Manicure, Pedicure and Waxing 5N3467

Manicure, Pedicure and Waxing

Marketing Practice - 5N1400

Marketing Practice

Materials and Finishes- 5N1456 

Materials and Finishes

Materials Science - 5N1637

Materials Science

Maternity Care Support 5N3746

Maternity Care Support

Mathematics - 5N1833


Meal Service - 5N0635

Meal Service

Mechanics - 5N1638


Media Analysis - 5N1298

Media Analysis

Medical Terminology - 5N2428

Medical Terminology

Menu Planning and Applied Nutrition - 5N2085

Menu Planning and Applied Nutrition

Microbiology 5N0737


Motor Vehicle Practice - 5N2143

Motor Vehicle Practice

Motor Vehicle Theory - 5N2144

Motor Vehicle Theory
December 2012

Multimedia Authoring - 5N1299

Multimedia Authoring

Multimedia Project Development - 5N1300

Multimedia Project Development

Music Industry Studies - 5N1458

Music Industry Studies

Music Performance - 5N1301

Music Performance

Music Technology - 5N1640

Music Technology

Music Theory and Practice - 5N1849

Music Theory and Practice

Musicianship 5N4845


Narrative Photography 5N4407

Narrative Photography

Nursing Theory and Practice 5N4325

Nursing Theory and Practice

Nutrition - 5N2006


Occupational First Aid - 5N1207

Occupational First Aid

Occupational Therapy Assistant Practice 5N3765

Occupational Therapy Assistant Practice

Occupational Therapy Assistant Theory 5N3766

Occupational Therapy Assistant Theory

Organic Principles and Standards 5N2550

Organic Principles and Standards - Updated October 2013

Organic Production 5N2549

Organic Production

Ornamental Horticulture 5N2548

Ornamental Horticulture

Outdoor Leadership and Safety 5N4647

Outdoor Leadership and Safety

Palliative Care Support 5N3769

Palliative Care Support

Painting - 5N1302


Pastry, Baking and Desserts - 5N2084

Pastry, Baking and Desserts

Pattern Drafting - 5N1303

Fashion Design

Payroll Manual and Computerised - 5N1546

Payroll Manual and Computerised

Peer Education 5N2709

Peer Education

Peer Mentoring 5N3777

Peer Mentoring

Period and Theatrical Make-Up 5N4632

Period and Theatrical Make-up

Permaculture Design 5N1617

 Permaculture Design

Person Centred Focus to Disability 5N1728

Person Centred Focus to Disability

Personal and Professional Development - 5N2985

Personal and Professional Development

Personal Effectiveness - 5N1390

Personal Effectiveness

Philosophy - 5N3506


Photographic Techniques - 5N1538

Photographic Techniques

Physics - 5N1460


Physiotherapy Assistant Practice 5N3770

Physiotherapy Assistant Practice

Physiotherapy Assistant Theory 5N3771

Physiotherapy Assistant Theory

Plant Identification and Use - 5N2527

 Plant Identification and Use

Plant Propagation 5N2547

Plant Propagation

Plant Protection 5N2546

 Plant Protection

Plant Science 5N2528

 Plant Science

Polish - 5N1627


Political Philosophy 5N3426

Political Thought and Practice

Political Studies - 5N1837

Political Studies

Portrait Photography 5N1376

Portrait Photography

Postiche 5N4633


Principles and Practice of Selling - 5N2062

Principles and Practice of Selling Updated April 2013

Print Journalism 5N2152

Print Journalism

Printmaking 5N1373


Problem Solving 5N1615

Problem Solving

Psychology - 5N0754


Psychology of People 5N3634

Psychology of People

Public Relations - 5N1405

Public Relations

Radio Programme Production - 5N1379

Radio Programme Production

Reception and Frontline Office Skills - 5N1407

Reception and Frontline Office Skills

Recovery in Mental Health 5N3773

Recovery in Mental Health

Reflexology 5N5371


Rehabilitation Support 5N3775

Rehabilitation Support

Renewable Energy Systems 5N4975

 Renewable Energy Systems

Research and Study Skills - 5N3113

Research and Study Skills

Research Skills for Journalism - 5N2443

Research Skills for Journalism

Retail Administration - 5N1860

Retail Administration

Retail Display - 5N1861

Retail Display

Retail Floristry - 5N1896

Retail Floristry

Retail Selling - 5N1619

Retail Selling

Retail Security 5N1777

Retail Security

Russian - 5N1628


Safe Practice in Diagnostic Imaging Skills 5N3779 Safe Practice in Diagnostic Imaging Skills
Safer Sex Negotiation Skills 5N4245 A programme module leading to this award was developed outside the ETBI shared programme development initiative.
Providers, funded by the DES, wishing to access this programme module should contact their regional support officer for a copy of it

Safety and Health at Work - 5N1794

Safety and Health at Work Updated April 2013

School Age Childcare - 5N1781

School Age Childcare

Script Writing 5N1897


Sculpture - 5N1918


Security Industry Procedures - 5N1785

Security Industry Procedures

Shallow Water Pool Lifeguarding Skills 5N2255

The Irish Water Safety (IWS) has statutory responsibility for the regulation of Lifeguarding activity. FETAC has validated the IWS programme as the single national programme associated with this award. Providers can apply for approval to Irish Water Safety to deliver the FETAC validated programme associated with this award.

Sheep Production 5N1735

Sheep Production

Skin Care, Eye Treatments and Make-Up 5N3466

Skin Care, Eye Treatments and Make-Up

Slovak - 5N1629


Small Animal Husbandry and Housing - 5N1898

Small Animal Husbandry and Housing

Social Justice Principles 5N2708

Social Justice Principles

Social Studies - 5N1370

Social Studies

Soil Science and Growing Media 5N2530

Soil Science and Growing Media

Sound Engineering and Production - 5N1900

Sound Engineering and Production

Spanish - 5N1630


Spatial Design 5N4799

Spatial Design

Special Needs Assisting - 5N1786

Special Needs Assisting

Specialised Makeup Effects 5N4634

Specialised Makeup Effects

Speech and Language Therapy Practice 5N3780

Speech and Language Therapy Practice

Speech and Language Therapy Theory 5N3781

Speech and Language Therapy Theory 

Sport and Exercise Injury Prevention 5N5665

 Sport and Exercise Injury Prevention

Sport and Recreation Studies 5N2667

Sport and Recreation Studies

Sport Horse Riding 5N3359

Sport Horse Riding

Sport Horse Riding Instruction 5N3362

Sport Horse Riding Instruction

Sports Anatomy and Physiology 5N4648

Sports Anatomy and Physiology

Spreadsheet Methods - 5N1977

Spreadsheet Methods

Stable and Yard Routine 5N3355

Stable and Yard Routine

Stage Management and Administration - 5N1550

Stage Management and Administration

Stained Glass 5N4515

 Stained Glass

Start your Own Business - 5N1418

Start Your Own Business

Statistics - 5N2066


Sterilisation and High Level Disinfection 5N3778

Sterilisation and High Level Disinfection

Stock Control and material Systems 5N3752

Stock Control and material Systems

Substance Use - Issues forYouthwork - 5N2176

Substance Use Issues for Youthwork

Supply Chain Operations - 5N2409

Supply Chain Operations

Sustainable Water Management 5N5027

Sustainable Water Management



Teamworking - 5N1367


Technical Skills for Journalism - 5N2463

Technical Skills for Journalism

Text Production - 5N1422

Text Production Updated Jan 2013

The Internet - 5N1611

The Internet

The Law and Insurance 5N3788

The Law and Insurance

Thermal Insulation Installation 5N4976

Thermal Insulation Installation

Tourism Information and Administation 5N0636

Tourism Information and Administation

Tourism Principles and Practice 5N2078

Tourism Principles and Practice

Traditional Black and White Photography - 5N0757

Traditional Black and White Photography

Training and Development Contexts 5N3633

Training and Development Contexts

Travel Agency Service Skills 5N4970

Travel Agency Service Skills

Turf Grass Establishment and Maintenance 5N2431

Turf Grass Establishment and Maintenance

Typography - 5N3485


Understanding Community Development 5N1901

Understanding Community Development

Understanding Mental Health 5N3772

Understanding Mental Health

Understanding Special Needs - 5N1709

Understanding Special Needs

Understanding Youthwork 5N1366

Understanding Youthwork

Valuation - 5N3028


Veneering and Marquetry - 5N1365

Veneering and Marquetry

Veterinary Assisting Skills - 5N1363

Veterinary Assisting Skills

Vocal Performance 5N2003

 Vocal Performance

Web Authoring - 5N1910

Web Authoring

Wood Fabrication - 5N1999

Wood Fabrication

Wood Finishing - 5N1360

Wood Finishing

Wood Turning - 5N1359

Wood Turning

Word Processing - 5N1358

Word Processing

Work Experience - 5N1356

Work Experience

Work Practice - 5N1433

Work Practice

Working with Groups 5N2707

Working with Groups

Working with Young People 5N1384

Working with Young People

Workplace Statutory Policies and Procedures 5N3751

Workplace Statutory Policies and Procedures

Woven Textiles 5N1864

Woven Textiles

Writing Skills for Journalism - 5N2435

Writing Skills for Journalism

Young Horse Training Techniques 5N3357

Young Horse Training Techniques

Young People and Society - 5N2002

Young People and Society