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Currently learners seeking certification from QQI are assessed using one or more of six assessment techniques: assignment, collection of work, examination, learner record, project or skills demonstration. Depending on the technique, the assessor is required to devise an assessment instrument of either an assessment brief or an examination paper.

Assessment Brief:
For every assignment, collection of work, learner record, project or skills demonstration, the assessor is required to write an assessment brief. This brief is the set of instructions given to the learner outlining the requirements and assessment/performance criteria of each piece of assessment. Click here to access a template for an assessment brief

The assessment brief must be available in written form for the provider's authentication process. 

To view some sample assessment briefs please click one of the links below:


To view information on writing integrated assessment briefs click here.


Examination Paper:
For every examination, the assessor is required to write an examination paper. This examination paper is an assessment instrument which is designed in accordance with the instructions given in the assessment section of the provider's validated programme module.

The examination paper must be available for the provider's authentication process.


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