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FESS has put together a selection of resources that you may find useful in promoting teaching and learning in further education:

Capture This resource contains an outline of the main theories that inform further and higher education, information on how we learn and a range of practical strategies that educators can use to support inclusive learning and differentiated instruction.
Association for Higher Education Access and Disability (AHEAD) : Teaching and Learning - Making Learning Accessible for Students with Disabilities in Further Education

This guide has been designed to assist teaching staff in further education and training to have a better understanding of the needs of students with disabilities. It describes ways of using principles of Universal Design in the design and delivery of courses so that all students have access to the same learning opportunities. Building accessibility and inclusive practices into the design and delivery of courses will benefit all students and will ensure that further education and training reflects the spirit and requirements of current legislation. Adopting a Universal Design approach will also help to ensure that the inclusion of students with disabilities is embedded into mainstream practice thus reducing the need for specialist supports to be put in place at a later stage

Teaching and Learning Resource Lists

 Theme  Resources
 Active Teaching and Learning Approaches/Methodologies  Active Teaching and Learning Approaches/Methodologies Resource List
 Classroom Management in FET  Classroom Management in FET Resource List
 Feedback to Learners  Feedback to Learners Resource List
 Supporting Academic Writing in FET  Supporting Academic Writing in FET Resource List 
 Supporting Academic Writing in FET  Supporting Academic Writing in FET Resource List
Instructional Leadership in FET Coming Soon