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The Provider may grant a Learner exemptions from specific requirements of a programme, on the basis of prior learning.

For each programme, the Provider should make available a statement of entry requirements where applicable, and a list of the competences needed to participate on the programme. These should be listed as equipped to participate statements for each programme. Further information on devising equipped to participate statements can be found in FETAC's Information for Learners, Guidelines for Providers.

The Learner should demonstrate to the Provider that they have the capacity to achieve the programme learning outcomes without attending or participating in the programme or part of the programme. Evidence of this capacity may include a CV, references, records of courses attended or samples of work.

The Provider may grant the exemption(s) from attendance and/ or participation in the programme on the basis of information obtained from the Learner through, for example, an application form, an initial interview or meeting, or a completed questionnaire or checklist.

The Provider should enter the Learner for assessment of the module in the normal way. Learners must provide proof that they have achieved the programme learning outcomes, either by:

Option 1: completing the assessment as per programme/ module requirements
Option 2: submitting a portfolio of valid and reliable* evidence of relevant prior learning, for example, CV, references, records of courses attended or samples of work. Providers who choose to offer this option (Option 2) must document and agree their Policy B10: Recognition of Prior Learning with FETAC.

* NOTE: for evidence to be valid, it must match the Learning Outcomes for the programme and must demonstrate the standard required. For evidence to be reliable, the Learner must attest that it is their OWN.

Whether the assessment is to be completed as per programme requirements or through submitting a portfolio of prior learning, the Learner should be provided with a full, written assessment brief, to include marking and grading criteria.

An example of exemption within a programme is where a Learner with prior experience of work which is:


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may be granted an exemption from the work placement (Skills Demonstration) element of Level 5 Work Experience [W20008]. The assessment of the module is then implemented through APEAL (Accreditation of Prior Experience, Achievement and Learning) as outlined in the module descriptor.


Implementation must be in accordance with the Provider's Policy B4: Access, Transfer and Progression; Procedure B4.3 Recognition of Prior Learning AND the procedures documented in the optional Policy sub-strand B10: Recognition of Prior Learning, if the Provider has chosen that option and agreed it with FETAC.