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The provider may offer a learner a place on a programme on the basis of prior learning. For each programme, the provider should make available a list of the competences needed to participate on the programme. These should be listed as equipped to participate/capacity to succeed statements for each programme.

Where there are entry requirements to a programme, these should be stated in such a way that learners who possess the competences, even if not formally certified, may achieve entry.

Learners must demonstrate to the provider that they have the capacity to participate successfully on the programme. Evidence of this capacity may include a CV, references, records of courses attended or samples of work.

The provider decision to offer a learner a place on a programme is usually made on the basis of information obtained through interview, meeting, questionnaire, application form, checklist or other.

Having gained a place on the programme, the learner will complete the programme and the assessment in the normal way.

Implementation must be in accordance with the provider's policy on Access, Transfer and Progression and procedures for the Recognition of Prior Learning.