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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a method of assessment which may allow learners to gain formal recognition (certification) for knowledge, skills and competence that they already have, howsoever acquired.

Under their quality assurance agreement with QQI, policy on Access, Transfer and Progression, all providers will have statements on their RPL arrangements, if any, for entry to a programme, credit towards an award and access to an award.

RPL may require the learner to demonstrate or prove their learning through interview and/ or through compiling a portfolio.

RPL may allow the learner to:

  • http://www.fess.ie/templates/ja_edenite/images/bullet.gif) 18px 7px no-repeat;">gain entry to a programme: a learner may gain a place on a programme, based on the learner's knowledge, skill and competence, gained through relevant life and work experience or through previous certification.
  • http://www.fess.ie/templates/ja_edenite/images/bullet.gif) 18px 7px no-repeat;">gain credit towards an award: a learner may gain a credit towards a major award using previous certification which is recognised by QQI.
  • http://www.fess.ie/templates/ja_edenite/images/bullet.gif) 18px 7px no-repeat;">attain an award: a learner may be awarded a major or minor award on the basis of previously acquired learning for which they do not have a formal certificate.