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ETBI adopted a coordinated approach to the development of programmes and programme modules for sharing across the DES sector. The table below lists the level 6 programme descriptors, part A, that were developed as part of this initiative and that have now been evaluated.

Programmes leading to Major Awards

FETAC Certificate Title 
and Code
Programme Descriptor,
Part A
Administration 6M5013 Administration 
Architectural Technology and Design 6M4989 Architectural Technology and Design
Art 6M4029 Art
Art Metalwork 6M4206 Art Metalwork
Arts Administration 6M3618 Arts Administration
Beauty Therapy 6M3479 Beauty Therapy
Business 6M4985 Business
Community Development 6M3674 Community Development
Creative Ceramics 6M3617   Creative Ceramics
Early Childhood Care and Education 6M2007 Early Childhood Care and Education 
Equine Breeding 6M3507  Equine Studies
Fashion Design 6M3706  Advanced Fashion Design
Fashion Industry Practice 6M4508 Advanced Fashion Industry Practice
Golf and Sports Turf Management 6M4330 Golf and Sports Turf Management
Health Service Supervisory Management Skills 6M4978 Health Service Supervisory Management Skills
Horsemanship 6M3505 Horsemanship
Horticulture 6M4334  Horticulture
Inclusive Education and Training 6M2263 Inclusive Education and Training
Information, Advice and Advocacy 6M3115 Social Services Advocacy
Leisure Facility Supervisory Management 6M4749 Leisure Facility Supervisory Management
Management 6M4587 Management
Photography 6M3732   Photography
Professional Cookery 6M2099 Professional Cookery
Retail Management 6M4385 Retail Management
Security Operations 6M4980 Security Operations
Social and Vocational Integration 6M2218 Social and Vocational Integration
Tourism with Business 6M5012 Travel and Tourism
Programmes leading to Special Purpose Awards:
FETAC Certificate Title
and Code
Programme Descriptor,
Part A
 Training and Development 6S3372  Training and Development