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ETBI adopted a coordinated approach to the development of programmes and programme modules for sharing across the DES sector. The table below lists the level 6 programme modules that were developed as part of this initiative and that have now been evaluated.


Component Name
and Code

V3 - evaluated
Programme Modules

3D Design Materials 6N4905

 3D Design Materials

Action Research 6N3665

 Action Research

Administration Practice 6N4169

Administration Practice

Advertising Photography 6N3726 Advertising Photography
Airport Passenger Services 6N4972 Airport Passenger Services
Animating Characters in 3D Skills 6N4906 A programme module leading to this award was developed outside the ETBI shared programme development initiative.
Providers, funded by the DES, wishing to access this programme module should contact their regional support officer for a copy of it
Animation Drawing 6N4907 Animation Drawing
Applied Economics 6N4091 Applied Economics
Applied Livestock Breeding 6N3525  Applied Livestock Breeding
Architectural Drawing and Presentation 6N3625 Architectural Drawing and Presentation 
Architectural Model Making 6N4908  Architectural Model Making
Arts and the Community 6N3585 Arts in the Community
Arts Event Management 6N3451 Arts Event Management
Assessment of Needs 6N2227 Assessment of Needs
Assessment Practice 6N2228 Development Postponed due to issue with QQI/FETAC Component Specification

AssistiveTechnology 6N2211

 Assistive Technology

Audio Transcription 6N4185

 Audio Transcription

Banking and Insurance 6N4168

 Banking and Insurance

Batik 6N3907


Beef Management 6N2235

 Beef Management

Body and Beauty Science and Treatments 6N3472

 Body and Beauty Science and Treatments

Bookkeeping - Manual and Computerised 6N4865

Bookkeeping - Manual and Computerised

Boundary Management - 6N2207

 Boundary Management

Building Technology and Design 6N4909

 Building Technology and Design

Business Development 6N4106

 Expected September 2013

Business Law 6N4045

 Business Law

Business Management 6N4310

 Business Management

 Ceramics Craft Skills 6N3616

 Ceramics Craft Skills

Child Development - 6N1942

Child Development

Childhood Social Legal and Health Issues - 6N1945 Childhood Social, Legal and Health Issues

Child Psychology - 6N2023

Child Psychology

Civil Litigation 6N4125

 Civil Litigation

Clay and Glaze Technology 6N3615

 Clay and Glaze Technology

Combined Materials 6N3587

 Combined Materials

Communications - 6N1950

Communications - Updated May 2013

 Community Development Practice 6N3667

 Community Development Practice

Community Development Theory 6N3668

 Community Development Theory

 Community Organisation Management 6N3670

 Community Organisation Management

Computer Aided Draughting 6N3652

 Computer Aided Draughting

Computerised Accounts 6N3911

 Computerised Accounts

Concrete Detailing 6N4925

 Concrete Detailing

Conflict Management 6N2775

Conflict Management

Constructive Thinking Skills 6N3448

 Constructive Thinking Skills

Consultative Selling 6N2054

 Consultative Selling

Costing 6N4146


Creative Application Ceramics 6N3445

 Creative Application Ceramics

Creative Darkroom Techniques 6N3725

 Creative Darkroom Techniques

Creative Studies for Special Needs - 6N1972

Creative Studies for Special Needs

Crime Prevention 6N1780

 Crime Prevention

Critical Studies of the Built Environment 6N4965 Critical Studies of the Built Environment
Culinary Food Safety Management 6N0641  Culinary Food Safety Management
Culinary Techniques 6N0642  Culinary Techniques
Customer Service 6N0697  Customer Service
Dairy Management 6N2247  Dairy Management
 Deep Water Pool Lifeguarding Skills 6N2224  The Irish Water Safety (IWS) has statutory responsibility for the regulation of Lifeguarding activity. FETAC has validated the IWS programme as the single national programme associated with this award. Providers can apply for approval to Irish Water Safety to deliver the FETAC validated programme associated with this award. 
 Depilation, Tanning and Lightening 6N3473  Depilation, Tanning and Lightening
 Design Skills 6N3446  Design Skills

Differentiated Learning and Instruction 6N2225

Differentiated Learning and Instruction

Digital Photography 6N3589  Digital Photography
Directorial Photography 6N3688  Directorial Photography

Disability Awareness - 6N1975

Disability Awareness - Updated May 2013

Drawing 6N3569  Drawing
Dublin Cultural & Natural Heritage 6N0644  Dublin Cultural and Natural Heritage
eBusiness Studies 6N4485  eBusiness Studies

Early Childhood Arts and Culture - 6N1936

Early Childhood Arts and Culture

Early Childhood Curriculum - 6N1944

Early Childhood Curriculum

Early Childhood Literacy and Numeracy - 6N1935

Early Childhood Literacy and Numeracy

Early Learning Environment - 6N1933

Early Learning Environment

Early Learning Philosophy - 6N1932

Early Learning Philosophy

Ecology and the Environment 6N3645

 Ecology and the Environment

Electrical Epilation 6N3475

Electrical Epilation

Employment Law 6N4322

Employment Law

English as a Second Language - 6N3161

English as a Second Language

Entrepreneurship 6N1941


Environmental Studies 6N4969

 Environmental Studies

Equality and Diversity in Childcare 6N1974

 Equality and Diversity in Childcare

Equine Anatomy and Physiology 6N3388

Equine Anatomy and Physiology

Equine Nutrition 6N3368

 Equine Nutrition

Equitation Theory 6N3386

Equitation Theory

Event Management 6N4800

 Event Management

Exhibition Techniques 6N3427

 Exhibition Techniques

Fabric Manipulation 6N3606

Fabric Manipulation 

Family Rights Advocacy 6N3081

 Family Rights Advocacy

Farm Business Planning 6N2233

 Farm Business Planning

Farm Equipment Fabrication 6N2243

 Farm Equipment Fabrication

 Farm Machinery Maintenance

Farm Machinery Maintenance

Farm Management 6N2232

 Farm Management

Farm Performance Measurement 6N3005

 Farm Performance Measurement

Fashion Buying and Retailing 6N3612

Fashion Buying and Retailing

Fashion Photography 6N3611

Fashion Photography

Fashion Styling 6N3608

 Fashion Styling

Finance 6N4165

Business Finance

Financial Reporting 6N4166

Financial Reporting

Fine Art Photography 6N3449

 Expected September 2013

Fine Metalwork Finishing 6N3985

 Fine Metalwork Finishing

Garment Construction 6N3605

 Garment Construction

Gastronomy 6N0647


Gerontology 6N3748


Global Development 6N4126

Global Development

Global Distribution Systems 6N4973

Global Distribution Systems

Government, Social, Public Administration 6N3070

 Government, Social, Public Administration

 Graphics and Animation 6N4979

Graphics and Animation

Grass Management 6N2250

 Grass Management

Group Work Theory and Practice 6N3669

 Group Work Theory and Practice

Health Promotion - 6N2214

 Health Promotion

History and Appreciation of Art and Design 6N3450

 History and Appreciation of Art and Design

Horse Breeding 6N3482  Horse Breeding
Horse Conformation and Evaluation 6N3389  Horse Conformation and Evaluation
Hospitality Business Systems 6N0650  Hospitality Business Systems
Human Resources Management 6N3750  Human Resources Management
Illustration Techniques and Practice 6N3480  Illustration Techniques and Practice
Improvisation 6N3552  Improvisation

Inclusive Education Practice - 6N2226

 Inclusive Education Practice

 Indian Head Massage 6N3477  Indian Head Massage
 Information, Advice and Advocacy Practice 6N3073  Information, Advice and Advocacy Practice
 Interior Landscaping 6N3627  Interior Landscaping
 International Marketing 6N3926  International Marketing
 Irish 6N2398  Irish
 Irish Cultural & Natural Heritage 6N0652  Irish Cultural and Natural Heritage
 Jewellery Making 6N4205  Jewellery Making
Knitting 6N3705  Knitting
Landscape Design and Construction 6N3620 Landscape Design and Construction
Leadership 6N2191  Leadership

Learning Difficulty Awareness 6N2210

Learning Difficulty Awareness

Leisure Facility Operations 6N4649

 Leisure Facility Operations

Managing People 6N3945

 Managing People

Market Gardening 6N3614

 Market Gardening

Marketing Management 6N4188

 Marketing Management

Mathematics 6N3395


Mental Health Awareness - 6N2209

 Mental Health Awareness

Menu Design and Applied Nutrition 6N2097

 Menu Design and Applied Nutrition

Metal Surface Treatment 6N3986

 Metal Surface Treatment

Microdermabrasion and Laser IPL 6N3474

 Microdermabrasion and Laser IPL

Multimedia Sound 6N4525

 Multimedia Sound

 Multimedia Technology 6N4514

Multimedia Technology 

Nail Technology 6N3476

 Nail Technology

Nursery Stock Production 6N3610

 Nursery Stock Production

On Site Massage 6N3478

 On Site Massage

Organic Crop Production 6N3621

 Organic Crop Production

Painting 6N3452


Pastry, Baking and Desserts 6N2096

 Pastry, Baking and Desserts

Pasture Management 6N3483

Pasture Management

Pattern Drafting 6N1393

 Pattern Drafting

Payroll Manual and Computerised 6N4005

 Payroll Manual and Computerised

Period Costume Construction Pattern Drafting 6N4670

Period Costume Construction Pattern Drafting

Person Centred Planning 6N2206

 Person Centre Planning

Personal and Professional Development - 6N1949

Personal and Professional Development

Photo Imaging 6N3728

Photo Imaging

Portrait Photography 6N3694  Portrait Photography
Printed Textiles 6N4342  Printed Textiles
Printmaking 6N3568  Printmaking
Producing a Culinary Event 6N0657  Producing a Culinary Event
Professional Presentation 6N4006  Professional Presentation
Project Management 6N4090  Project Management
Rehabilitation Practice 6N2196  Rehabilitation Practice
Relational Database 6N4785  Relational Database
Renewable Technologies 6N0974  Renewable Technologies
Safety Management 6N1782  Safety Management
Sales and Marketing Management 6N3613  Sales and Marketing Management
Sales Negotiation 6N4338 Sales Negotiation
Sales Presentation 6N3567  Sales Presentation
Sculpture 6N3570  Sculpture
Sheep Management 6N2237  Sheep Management
Silversmithing and Fabrication 6N4026  Silversmithing and Fabrication
Small Scale Wind Systems implementation 6N0310  Small Scale Wind Systems Implementation
Social Analysis 6N3666  Social Analysis
Social and Civil Information 6N3072  Social and Civil Information

Special Needs Assisting - 6N1957

Special Needs Assisting

 Sport Horse Riding 6N3481

 Sport Horse Riding

Sport Horse Riding Instruction 6N3393

Sport Horse Riding Instruction

Sports Nutrition 6N4651

 Sports Nutrition

Sports Psychology 6N4665

 Sports Psychology

Sports Turf Facilities 6N3628

 Sports Turf Facilities

Sports Turf Mechanisation 6N3629

 Sports Turf Mechanisation

Sports Turf Science and Maintenance 6N3622

 Sports Turf Science and Maintenance
Spreadsheets 6N4089  Spreadsheets
Stable and Yard Supervision 6N3387  Stable and Yard Supervision
Still Life Photography 6N3729 Still Life Photography
Strategic Planning 6N3673  Strategic Planning
Studio Practice 6N3571  Studio Practice

Supervision in Early Childhood Care - 6N1973

Supervision in Early Childhood Care

Supervisory Management 6N4329

Supervisory Management

Supervisory Security Management 6N1784  Supervisory Security Management
Supervisory Skills 6N2104  Supervisory Skills
Surveying 6N4986  Surveying
Sustainable Horticulture 6N3626 Sustainable Horticulture
Taxation 6N4167  Taxation

Team Leadership - 6N1948

Team Leadership

Text Production 6N4945

 Text Production

The Art of Colour Photography 6N3731

 The Art of Colour Photography

The History of Photography 6N3730

The History of Photography

 Theatre and Film Costume Appreciation 6N4685

Theatre and Film Costume Appreciation

 Theatre and Film Costume Construction 6N4691

Theatre and Film Costume Construction

Theatre and Film Costume Design 6N4692

Theatre and Film Costume Design

 Theatre and Film Make-Up 6N4700

Theatre and Film Make-Up

 Theatre and Film Wig and Hair Design 6N4703

Theatre and Film Wig and Hair Design

Therapeutic Play Skills 6N4705

 Therapeutic Play Skills

Tourism Policy and Practice 6N2106

 Tourism Policy and Practice

Training Delivery and Evaluation 6N3326

 Training Delivery and Evaluation

Training Needs Identification and Design 6N3325

 Training Needs Identification and Design

Tree and Shrub Management 6N3624

 Tree and Shrub Management

Vehicle Mechanical Maintenance 6N4734

 Vehicle Mechanical Maintenance

Voluntary Sector Training Skills 6N4425

 Voluntary Sector Training Skills
Web Authoring 6N2532  Web Authoring

Word Processing 6N4977

 Word Processing

Work Experience - 6N1946

Work Experience
Updated May 2013

Work Practice 6N1947

 Work Practice

Woven Textiles 6N3910

 Woven Textiles

Young Horse Training Techniques 6N3403

 Expected September 2013