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ETBI adopted a coordinated approach to the development of programmes and programme modules for sharing across the DES sector. The table below lists the level 5 programme descriptors, part A that were developed as part of this initiative and that have now been evaluated.

FETAC Certificate Title 
and Code
Programme Descriptor,
Part A
Animal Care 5M2768 Foundation in Animal Science
Applied Ecology 5M5028 Applied Ecology
Applied Social Studies 5M2181 Applied Social Studies
Art 5M1985 Art
Art, Craft and Design 5M1984 Art, Craft and Design
Beauty Therapy 5M3471 Beauty Therapy
Business Administration 5M2468 Business Administration
Business Studies 5M2102 Business Studies
Community Care 5M2786 Community Care
Community Development 5M3050 Community Development
Community Health Services 5M4468 Community Health Services
Construction Technology 5M5010 Construction Technology
Computer Aided Design 5M1940 Computer Aided Design
Contact Centre Operations 5M2071 Contact Centre Operations
Creative Craft 5M1981 Creative Craft
Creative Media 5M5048 Creative Media
Cultural and Heritage Studies 5M2154 Irish Cultural Heritage Studies

Dance 5M4572

Design 5M2208 Design
Early Childhood Care and Education 5M2009 Early Childhood Care and Education
eBusiness 5M0828 eBusiness
Education and Training 5M3635 Education and Training
Engineering Technology 5M2061 Engineering Technology
Fashion Design 5M3865 Fashion Design
Floristry 5M2686 Professional Floristry
Furniture Design and Making 5M2012 Furniture Design and Making
General Studies 5M3114 University Access Programme
Graphic Design 5M1995 Graphic Design
Hairdressing 5M3351 Hairdressing
Health Service Skills 5M3782 Health Service Skills
Healthcare Support 5M4339 Healthcare Support
Horsemanship 5M3371 Equine Studies & Horsemanship
Horticulture 5M2586 Horticulture
Hospitality Operations 5M2083 Hospitality Operations
Information Processing 5M2067 Information Processing
Intellectual Disability Practice 5M1761 Intellectual Disability Practice
Interior Design 5M5054 Interior Design
International Trade 5M2111 International Trade
Journalism 5M2464 Journalism Skills In Modern Society
Laboratory Techniques 5M3807 Laboratory Techniques
Language and European Studies 5M2073 Language and European Studies
Legal Studies 5M3789 Legal Studies
Make-up Artistry 5M5265 Make-up Artistry
Marketing 5M2069 Marketing Principles for Business
Motor Technology 5M2145 Motor Technology
Multimedia Production 5M2146 Multimedia Production
Music 5M2011 Music
Nursing Studies 5M4349 Nursing Studies
Office Administration 5M1997 Office Administration
Photography 5M2094  Photography
Radio Production 5M4511 Radio Production
Retail Practice 5M2105 Retail Practice
Security Studies 5M2110 Security Studies
Security Systems Technology 5M2109 Security Systems Technology
Sound Production 5M2149 Sound Production
Tourism with Business 5M5011 Tourism with Business
Youth Work 5M4732 Youth Work


Equine Studies & Horsemanship