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ETBI adopted a coordinated approach to the development of programmes and programme modules for sharing across the DES sector. The table below lists the level 4 programme modules that were developed as part of this initiative and that have now been evaluated.

Component Name
& Code
V3 - evaluated
Programme Module
Aquaculture 4N3829 Aquaculture - uploaded May '13
Biology - 4N2828 Biology
Bookkeeping and Accounts - 4N2267 Bookkeeping and Accounts
Business Calculations - 4N2279 Business Calculations - updated May'13
Business English - 4N1108 Business English - updated May'13
Career Planning - 4N1109 Career Planning
Catering Operations and Systems - 4N1133 Catering Operations and Systems
Chemistry - 4N2827 Chemistry
Child Care and Safety - 4N1905 Child Care and Safety
Child Development and Play - 4N1111 Child Development and Play
Communications - 4N0689 Communications
Computer Applications - 4N1112 Using Common Computer Applications
Culinary Techniques - 4N1134 Culinary Techniques - updated May '13
Customer Service - 4N1989 Customer Service - updated May'13
Data Entry - 4N1113 Data Entry Skills
Database Methods - 4N1115 Database Methods
Design - 4N1139 Design Studies
Desktop Publishing - 4N1854 Desktop Publishing
Digital Media Technology - 4N1858 Digital Media Technology
Door Security Procedures - 4N1114 Door Security Procedures
Drama - 4N1875 Drama
Drawing - 4N1878 Creative Drawing Skills
Electronics - 4N1290 Electronics
Engineering Workshop Processes - 4N1291 Engineering Workshop Processes
English as a Second Language - 4N1180 English for Speakers of Other Languages 
- updated May'13
Entrepreneurial Skills - 4N1128

Developing Entrepreneurial Skills -
updated May'13

Establishing Trees and Shrubs - 4N0666 Establishing Trees and Shrubs - updated May '13
Establishing Ornamental Flowering Plants - 4N0662 A programme module leading to this award was developed outside the ETBI shared programme development initiative.
Providers, funded by the DES, wishing to access this programme module should contact their regional support officer for a copy of it
Everyday Science - 4N2829 Everyday Science
Food and Nutrition - 4N2830 Food and Nutrition - updated May '13
French - 4N1172 French in Everyday Use - updated May'13
Functional Mathematics - 4N2138 Functional Mathematics
General Office Skills - 4N1116 General Office Skills
German - 4N1173 German in Everyday Use - updated May'13
Graphic Design - 4N1117 Graphic Design Skills - updated May'13
Growing Fruit - 4N0668 Growing Fruit
Growing Vegetables - 4N0671 Growing Vegetables
Guarding Skills - 4N1118 Guarding Skills - updated May '13
Handling Food Hygienically - 4N1119 Handling Food Safely - updated May'13
Hard Landscape Construction - 4N1119 Hard Landscape Construction
Healthcare 4N3776 Introduction to Healthcare - uploaded June '13
Health Related Fitness 4N2666 Health Related Fitness - available from Kildare and Wicklow ETB for inclusion under the 20% rule.
Historical Studies - 4N3306 History
Horticultural Science - 4N0682 Horticultural Science
Horticultural Tools and Equipment - 4N0683 Horticultural Tools and Equipment - updated May '13
Hotel Front Office Operations - 4N0623 Hotel Front Office Skills and Operations
Human Biology - 4N2910 Introduction to Human Biology
Information Technology Skills - 4N1125 Everyday Computer Tasks - updated May'13
Irish - 4N1179 Irish in Everyday Use - updated May'13
Irish Sign Language - 4N2390 Irish Sign Language
Italian - 4N1174 Italian in Everyday Use - updated May'13
Kitchen Skills - 4N1150 Kitchen Skills - updated May'13
Laboratory Techniques - 4N2825 Laboratory Techniques
Local and Global Development Awareness 4N3186 A programme module leading to this award was developed outside the ETBI shared programme development initiative.
Providers, funded by the DES, wishing to access this programme module should contact their regional support officer for a copy of it
Mathematics - 4N1987 Mathematics
Menu Planning - 4N0627 Menu Planning - updated May'13
Painting 4N1871 Fine Art Painting
Personal and Interpersonal Development - 4N1131 Personal and Interpersonal Development
Personal Effectiveness - 4N1132 Personal Effectiveness
Physics - 4N2826 Physics
Plant Identification, Care and Maintenance - 4N1186 Plant Identification, Care and Maintenance - updated May '13
Polish - 4N1175 Polish in Everyday Use - updated May'13
Reception Skills - 4N1867 Reception Skills
Retail Payment Procedures - 4N1185 Retail Payment Procedures - updated May'13
Retail Sales Techniques - 4N1183 Retail Sales Techniques
Russian - 4N1176 Russian in Everyday Use - updated May'13
Safe Horticultural Practice - 4N0719 Safe Horticultural Practice - updated May '13
Short Order Cooking - 4N1151 Catering for Beginners - updated May '13
Slovak - 4N1177 Slovak in Everyday Use - updated May'13
Spanish - 4N1178 Spanish in Everyday Use - updated May'13
Spreadsheets Methods - 4N1120 Spreadsheet Methods
Stock Control - 4N1184 Stock Control - updated May'13
Teamworking - 4N1169 Experiencing Teamworking
Technical Drawing - 4N1289 Technical Drawing

Textiles – 4N2048

Textiles - updated May'13
Tourism Visitor Care - 4N0628

Meeting Visitor Needs and Expectations

Understanding Interculturalism - 4N1121 Cultural Diversity - Updated June '13
Web Design - 4N1122 Web Design - updated May'13
Woodcraft - 4N3185 Woodcraft Skills and Techniques
Word Processing - 4N1123 Word Processing
Work Experience - 4N1168 Experiencing the World of Work
Work Practice - 4N1170 Participating in the World of Work
Workplace Safety - 4N1124

Workplace Safety