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How to use the common awards at Level 3, Level 4, Level 5 and Level 6:
1) Review the new award specifications

2) Once you've identified the award(s) you wish to use, consult the QQI Guidelines for Preparing Programme DescriptorsGuidelines for Preparing Programme Descriptors  and view the programme information requirements in the Application form for Programme Validation (Levels 3 to 6)

3) While FETAC is responsible for setting standards for the awards, the Provider is responsible for the design of the programme. A range of programmes may lead to the same award. Programmes may vary in content and delivery methodology but they must be designed to enable the learner to achieve the learning outcomes specified in the award.

4) Devise your programme relative to the award specification.

5)  To request details on how to apply for validation, contact FETAC via the 'contact us' link on the FETAC website www.fetac.ie.   Applications for programme validation should be made on line via the FETAC Business System (FBS)

6) In advance of validation programmes must be evaluated and approved. This will be done either through a provider's programme approval agreement (PAA) or by FETAC.

7) Once validation is achieved the Provider can start delivery of the programme. Note: Providers are required to implement FETAC's Quality Assuring Assessment policy prior to submission of a programme for validation.

The Provider should be familiar with the following documentation prior to developing programmes:
- the policies and procedures agreed between FETAC and the Provider for Quality Assurance
- The relevant Award Specifications

  • Level 3 Awards
  • Level 4 Awards
  • Level 5 Awards
  • Level 6 Awards
  • - QQI Guidelines for Preparing Programme Descriptors  
    - Application form for Programme Validation (Levels 3 to 6)
    - Quality Assuring Assessment Guidelines for Providers May 2007

    The following may also be useful as a reference:  

    - The One to One Approach to Programme Development - Level 3
    - Quality Assurance in Further Education and Training Policy and Guidelines for Providers v1.3
    - Validation of Programmes: Policy (FETAC)
    - Quality Assuring Assessment: Policy (FETAC)
    - Determinations for the Outline National Framework of Qualifications (NQAI) - pages 16 and 19

    Further Programme Information:

    Information on programmes that have been approved for sharing is available on the FETAC website