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Example of the process for same assessment technique,
different percentage weighting

In this example, assessment from two modules is being integrated:

Module Name and Code Assessment Technique Assessment Weighting
Plant Care and Maintenance C10121 Learner Record 20 %
Personal Effectiveness G10033 Learner Record 25%

Step 1

Read the Guidelines given in Section 11 of each module descriptor

Personal Effectiveness G10033

11 Learning Journal 25%

The journal should document the experience gained while following a programme of study - to include a brief account of selected activities, a clear, well-structured action plan, evaluation, reflection on the learning experience, strengths and weaknesses, evidence of time management and brief comment by the tutor.

Plant Care and Maintenance C10121

11.2 Learner Record 30%

A personal record - must include details of horticultural skills used while maintaining plants over an extended period, an outline of the decision making process during the period and the steps taken to rectify problems identified.

Step 2

Consult the Specific Learning Outcomes in Section 10 of each descriptor, upon which the content of the Learner Record will be based.

In the case of Personal Effectiveness G10033, this is Unit 1 Self-managed Learning.
In the case of Plant Care and Maintenance C10121 the Learner Record will assess a range of Specific Learning Outcomes from the whole module.

 Step 3

Consult the Assessment (Performance) Criteria listed for each module.

In the case of Personal Effectiveness G10033 these are listed in Section 12.
In the case of Plant Care and Maintenance C10121 they are listed on the Individual Candidate Marking Sheet.

Personal Effectiveness G10033

Performance Criteria: page 6

Current skills and abilities are accurately identified, analysed and recorded.
Details of short/ long-term learning goals show insight into present situation, with personal vision for future.
Entries comprehensive, critical reflection, analysis and evaluation.
Responsibility for own learning and development.

Plant Care and Maintenance C10121

Individual Candidate Marking Sheet

Comprehensive record of plant maintenance Detailed description of skills used.

Step 4

Write the Brief for this integrated assessment, using the Brief Template

Titles and Codes of Modules: Personal Effectiveness G10033 & Plant Care and Maintenance C10120

Assessment Techniques: Learner Record & Learner Record

Weightings: 30% & 25%

Title: Learning Journal

Guidelines: Keep a journal throughout your Horticulture course, as follows:

List all guidelines here, as read in Step 1 - in plain English, if appropriate
Add time-limits (eg three months, six months) as appropriate
State how you would like the journal to be kept - daily, weekly, monthly, as appropriate.

NB - "the journal may be presented as a written diary, or may include visual support such as drawings, photographs, paintings or other audio-visual work. Video and audio journals are also acceptable" Personal Effectiveness G10033 page 5.

Assessment Criteria: List all the criteria here as listed in Step 3 - in plain English if appropriate
The important issue is that Learners understand exactly how the Learner Record will be marked, and why it may be possible to achieve different marks under the different headings

Issue Date: ______________________________

Submission Date: ______________________________

Learner Name: ______________________________

I confirm that this is my own original work

Learner Signature: _______________________________

Date: _______________________________

Step 5

the Learner Record should be (photo)copied so that each Assessor can mark it separately according to the separate Assessment Criteria for each module, and so that it will be available for the External Authenticator in the Portfolio of Assessment for each of the modules.