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Example of the Process at Level 3

 In this example, assessment from three modules is being integrated:

Module Name and Code Specific Learning Outcomes Assessment Technique
Communications GF0001 3.3 Portfolio
Food and Nutrition DF0146 1.1 - 1.5 Assignment
Personal Effectiveness GF0033 1 - 5 and 8 - 10 Portfolio or Individual Candidate Marking Sheet

Step 1

Specific Learning Outcome 3.3 from Level 3 Communications GF0001 states that the learner should be able to describe events, procedures and processes"

The Performance Criteria for that outcome are that the learner should be able to:

- Accurately describe an event or process

- Give accurate instructions for a simple task

- Communicate with reasonable fluency

- Present content in a structured way, with beginning, middle and end

- Ensure that content and delivery are suitable for audience and situation

Step 2

Consider the other modules being delivered in the Centre.

Examine Section 11 of each module whose assessment is to be integrated, for example:

Food and Nutrition DF0146: 3 Assignments on the following topics:

1: Nutrition

2: Hygiene and Safety

3: Kitchen Orientation

Personal Effectiveness GF0033: Individual Candidate Marking Sheet or Portfolio

Step 3

Go back to Section 10 of the modules chosen, and examine the Specific Learning Outcomes of each, in order to select those most likely to provide you with a coherent assessment.

Food and Nutrition DF0146

The learner should be able to:

- Outline the key elements of nutrition
- Recognise basic food-labelling symbols
- Demonstrate basic shopping skills
- Outline the key factors in storing food
- Store food correctly and safely
- Identify good personal hygiene practice
- Identify safe work practices in the kitchen
- Demonstrate basic First Aid
- Safe use and storage - cleaning agents
- Kitchen utensils and appliances
- Weigh/ measure range of ingredients
- Know temperature settings

 Personal Effectiveness GF0033

The learner should be able to:

- Draw up a personal learning plan
- Gather information needed to carry out tasks
- Review and adapt the plan if necessary
- Different learning - different situations
- Evaluate the quality of work completed
- Work as a member of a team
- Evaluate the work of the team
- Maintain safe efficient working environment
- Observe safe work practices
- Observe hygienic work practices

Step 4

Go to Section 12 of each module and examine the Performance Criteria for each of the Specific Learning Outcomes chosen

Step 5

Choose the Assessment - for example, Food and Nutrition DF0146: Assignment 1 (Nutrition)

Step 6

Identify the SLOs of the three modules which will best fit this Assessment, for example :

Communications GF0001: SLO 3.3

Food and Nutrition DF0146: SLOs 1.1 - 1.5

Personal Effectiveness GF0033: SLOs 1 - 5 and 8 - 10

Step 7

Write the Brief for this integrated assessment, using the Brief Template

Titles and Codes of Modules:
Communications GF0001 & Food and Nutrition DF0146 & Personal Effectiveness GF0033

Assessment Techniques: Assignment

Title: "Healthy Eating for Families"

Guidelines: It is national "Healthy Eating for Families" week and you have been asked to give a talk to your class, who are parents of small children, on a limited budget.

Performance Criteria: Your talk should include the following:

1: an outline of the key elements of nutrition
2: examples and explanations of basic food labelling symbols
3: on outline of the key factors in storing food
4: how to make a shopping list (planned meals, budget, time)
5: how to store food correctly
6: a sample shopping basket with food correctly distributed between bags - raw/ cooked/ dairy
7: you should be able to answer questions from your audience

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