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 Using Microsoft OneNote for ePortfolios


 KWETB have kindly shared the resources developed by them as part of an ePortfolio project, the resources include a template (below) as well as a series of instructional video on getting started with using OneNote as an ePortfolio platform. The process and the system involved in this projects is discussed in this video. 

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KWETB have shared the template used for the development of OneNote as an ePortfolio with learners.



 Video Title  Link to Video
 1. Accessing the ePortfolio in the App versus the Browser
 2. Quick Tour of the ePortfolio Template for KWETB FET Assessors
 3. Copy the ePortfolio Template to your own OneDrive  
 4. Setting up your Module Overview Page
 5. Troubleshoot Syncing Issues for OneNote  
 6. Assessor ePortfolio A Walkthrough  
7. Creating your eSignature in OneNote  
8. Adding the Assessment Schedule  
9. Adding Module Documentation_ Component Spec & Programme Module  
10. Inserting Assessment Material  
11. Adding your Provisional Results Sheet  
12. Intro Setting up Learner ePortfolios  
13. Adding the Learner Marking Sheet  
14. Setting up the Structure for Learner ePortfolios  
15. Option 2 Setting up the Structure for Learner ePortfolios - Collection of Work  
16. Option 3 Setting up the Structure for Learner ePortfolios - 2 Assignments 1 Exam  
17. Adding a Brief to the Learner ePortfolio  
18. Levels of Organisation Adding NEW Learner Sections  
19. Adding Sections to Learner ePortfolios_ The Learner Marking Sheet and Portfolio of Assessment  
20. Deleted Sam by Accident Restore a Learner Section Group  
21. Intro to Populating ePortfolio Template with Learner Evidence  
22. Inserting Learner Evidence - Images and Pictures  
23. Inserting Learner Evidence - Paper  
24. Adding Learner Evidence From Class Notebook Part 1  
25. Inserting Learner Evidence Class Notebook Part 2 The Best Practice Model (1)  
26. Uploading Video Evidence to Flipgrid  
27. Video Evidence Populate Learner ePortfolio with Video from Flipgrid  
28. Teams Assignment Learner Authorship Submission Statement  
29. Teams Assignment Excel Spreadsheet File  
30. Teams Assignment PowerPoint File  
31. Teams Assignment Access Database File  
32. Updated Adding a New Learner Section Group  
33. Sharing ePortfolio Template for Internal Verification  
34. Sharing ePortfolios for External Authentication  
35. Start to Finish - How to Upload Video Evidence to Flipgrid and Share to ePortfolio Template