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According to QQI Quality Assuring Assessment, Guidelines for Providers, there are certain records and documentation that should be available from a provider for the authentication process. It may also be appropriate that these records and documentation be available to the provider's internal monitoring process, self evaluation process and to the QQI monitor on request.

As an assessor you will have a role in keeping some records and documentation relating to the assessment of your Learners. Examples of the types of information that may be maintained by the assessor are as follows: 

- Learner's name
- Dates and details of learner feedback
- Copies of assessment briefs, examination papers, marking schemes and outline solutions
- Copies of receipts issued to learners when submitting assessment material
- Attendance records for learners
- Marks and grades achieved by learners
- Information on reasonable accommodations implemented for a learner

Assessment evidence submitted by the learner should be recorded as having been received to prevent any disagreement between the learner and the assessor. Learner receipts or signatures are mechanisms which may be used to record this. It would be good practice for the assessor to check out the provider's quality assurance agreement to see what mechanisms have been outlined for recording when a learner submits evidence for assessment purposes.