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Learners are entitled to a number of pieces of information relating to their assessments and in your role as assessor it is likely that you may have responsibility for providing some or all of this information.

The following is the type of information that may be provided to a learner, prior to assessment commencing
- The learners should know what their responsibilities are in relation to assessment things like meeting deadlines for the submission of assessment evidence, how to reference things correctly, what will happen if work is copied or plagiarised and so on

- The assessment methods that will be used by the assessor to assess them and also when will assessment take place during the course of the programme. It is a QQI requirement that every programme has an assessment plan and learners should know when they will be assessed

- The reasonable accommodations that are available - these are the facilities and arrangements that a provider has in place to facilitate learners who have a special need when it comes to that learner being assessed and demonstrating the standard as outlined in the component specification

- Any compassionate considerations that may be taken into account by a provider when considering whether to grant an extension to a deadline for the submission of assessment work by a learner

- Policy on assessment repeats - providers may allow learners repeat assessments and their policy on this should be made known to the learners before they begin on a programme of study so that the learners are aware of all the relevant facts before being assessed

- Appeals process - all learners are entitled to appeal their final results to the provider and the process that the learner must follow to do this must be outlined.

Your provider will have outlined what information should be provided to learners in quality assurance procedure, B6.2 Information to Learners, and it is very important that you familiarise yourself with the procedure to see what is involved and so you are clear what your role is in implementing this procedure.

Under policy B6 Fair and Consistent Assessment of Learners, there is also a procedure relating to Feedback to Learners. This procedure, B6.8, outlines a requirement where learners should receive timely and constructive feedback on their assessment work.