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This course complements the existing FESS/H2 Learning Reimaging your course – the move to blended learning course which focused primarily on blending the delivery of your course. The main aim of this new course is to get people thinking about their current formative and summative assessment plans and consider ways of conducting the assessment differently.  

The course will include some underpinning principles and theoretical perspectives, quality assurance considerations and a range of case studies from across the FET sector. It will also provide participants with the opportunity to engage with FET colleagues in discussions on a range of assessment related issues. 

This course will be available from the week of the 1 March and comprises a set of pre-recorded resources that participants can engage with in their own time (asynchronous). 

Bookings can be made at the following link - https://www.fess.ie/professional-development/cpd-calendar#reimagineAssessment