Providers who opt to implement this area of RPL, and who have the capacity and resources to facilitate learners to achieve a QQI award through RPL, will have additional agreed quality assured procedures in place to support this activity. Such arrangements will be published by the provider and therefore available to any potential learners.

RPL for an award - this is where a learner may achieve an award on the basis of prior learning.

Providers, offering this service, will facilitate learners in achieving an award on the basis of RPL by assessing learner evidence and submitting learner results for certification to QQI, using standard procedures.

The role of the Provider may include:

  • 18px 7px no-repeat;">assisting the learner in identifying the award they wish to apply for
  • 18px 7px no-repeat;">determining the learner's eligibility for the named award
  • 18px 7px no-repeat;">analysing the learner's knowledge, skill and competence in relation to the standards of knowledge, skill and competence required for the award
  • 18px 7px no-repeat;">supporting the learner in identifying and gathering the appropriate evidence
  • 18px 7px no-repeat;">assessing the evidence provided by the learner against the assessment criteria for the award
  • 18px 7px no-repeat;">quality assuring the assessment process
  • 18px 7px no-repeat;">submitting learner results to QQI for certification

The role of the learner is to gather and present the evidence required for assessment according to the guidance given by the provider. Evidence may include CV, references, certificates or testimonials, products or samples, job descriptions and/ or evaluations, evidence of attendance at training courses or workplace assessments. Evidence for assessment may be presented in a portfolio of evidence.