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What is internal verification?

"Internal verification is the process by which the provider's assessment processes and procedures related to planning, managing and operationalising all aspects of assessment practices will be internally verified i.e. monitored by the provider itself." QQI Quality Assuring Assessment Guidelines for Providers (2013, p.24)

This involves:

  1. Verification of assessment procedures
  2. Verification of assessment results

Can the Assessor also be the Internal Verifier?

The Internal Verifier's role includes verifying assessment procedures and checking and confirming assessment results. An Assessor cannot verify assessment procedures for his/her own assessment activities and cannot check and confirm his/her own assessment results. An Assessor may carry out the role of internal verification on the assessment activities and assessment results of other Assessors.

Is the internal verifier responsible for moderating results?

No, the internal verifier is not responsible for determining whether assessment material is in line with national standards and therefore will not be moderating assessment results. Moderation of assessment results is the role of the external authenticator.

If there are no briefs, marking schemes, examination papers etc. what should the internal verifier do?

In the case where there are no assessment briefs, examination papers, marking schemes or outline solutions made available, the internal verifier should follow the provider's procedures for taking corrective action. The internal verifier should also communicate this fact to the provider and include details in the internal verification report.

The assessment briefs, marking schemes, examination papers etc. must be available for the external authentication process so it is important that the internal verifier can confirm their existence.

What happens if the sampling strategy, developed by the provider, doesn't yield an appropriate sample?

If the sampling strategy provided by the provider does not yield an appropriate sample, the internal verifier or external authenticator should inform the provider and may select additional portfolios to ensure that a sufficient sample is selected.