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Resource Development Initiative (announced May 2017)

Following the success of the phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 'Resource Lists' that were developed by FET teachers and trainers. FESS would like to announce phase 4 of the development.

This current call is for potential writers of resource lists at any level in any award area or any FET thematic area NOT already uploaded to the FESS website.  Applicants should check the FESS website to ascertain what is already there before submitting an application.

This round, phase 4, of resource list development is targeted specifically at filling gaps only.  Applications relating to resource lists already on the FESS website will not be considered in this round.

The application forms should be submitted by teachers/tutors/trainers who may be interested in getting involved in writing the resource lists:

Applications must be submitted to resourcelist@fess.ie only, no other email address should be used. 

Deadline for receipt of applications is Friday 19 May 2017 at 17.00.

It is expected that writers will spend the equivalent of 2 full days (12 hours) working on each resource list in their own time.  Payment is €203.16 per day i.e. €406.32 per completed resource list.

All resource list writing must be completed and submitted on or before Friday 18 August 2017