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FessIreland FET teachers CPD tomorrow @limerickedcentr - Health and Well Being (Mental Health) small no of places available
FessIreland Looking forward to welcoming our FET teachers to CPD today @athloneec - Health and Well Being (Mental Health)
FessIreland FESS CPD for L5/6 IT teachers: Mobile Technologies at levels 5 & 6
FessIreland FESS CPD for L5 Teachers: Teaching and Assessing Maths for Information Technology (5N18396)
FessIreland FESS CPD for L5/6 IT Teachers:Object Oriented Programming at levels 5 & 6



Programme Development Consultation

The IVEA/CEEOA are co-ordinating the programme development process across the VECs for sharing across the DES Sector. As part of this co-ordinated approach, responsibility for the development of programmes and programme modules has been allocated to colleges, VECs or clusters of VECs for development. It was agreed that following development, the programme descriptors and programme modules would be made available to the sector for consultation. This National Programme Development Consultation Process with the DES sector was facilitated by the Further Education Support Service (FESS).

The consultation process is now closed.

The links on the table below will take you to pages where there is an alphabetical list of programme modules that were either developed during phase 1 (2011-2012) or have been developed or are being developed as part of phase 2 and phase 3 (2012-2013). We are no longer uploading Version 2 programme modules as programme module evaluations should be almost complete at this point. Theselists may be of assistance to you in determining the list of additional components that you may wish to include in your programme validation applications to FETAC.

The status sheet is continually updated and can be accessed without logging in to the website.


Programme Module leading to a Minor Award       

Programme leading to a Major Award  Status sheet for all Programmes and Programme Modules            
Level 5  Level 5 Status of Level 5 Programmes (Phase 2 & 3)
Level 6  Level 6 Status of Level 6 Programmes (Phase 2 & 3)


Level 2

Click here for the consultation page for Level 2 programme modules